Renoun Skis

Logo Design

Renoun Skis uses a unique material to strengthen at speed and stabilize in variable snow. I was asked to pitch an updated wordmark to match Renoun's established triangular icon and better reference its material innovation. I fine-tuned existing letterforms and proposed angular corner inktraps. Inktrap cutouts were once used in metal type printing to allow space for ink to pool. Here they reference Renoun's material technology with simple legible externals and a distinctly unique interiors. Unfortunately the logo was not adopted.

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Renoun Skis, logo process documentation, type.

Extensive typographic exploration led me to ink traps. The angular shapes connect with the existing triangle icon, retain much of the character of the previous logo, reference material technology (in their use in metal type printing), and create a unique identity. (Reference N's by Dinamo and Colophon.)

Renoun Skis, logo design process, reference N's.

Attempts at drawing angular cuts in all letters resulted an overbearing design. Instead the N carried the concept. The R presented an opportunity for more significant differentiation. I created heightened contrast in stroke width and a full cut to complement the triangle icon.

Renoun Skis full logo.

Renoun Skis, logo design process, reference N's.Renoun Skis, logo design process, reference N's.