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Aide Canada

Logo Design

Aide Canada is a federal autism health resource network. I was hired to help the interim design director Stacie Stilling craft the organization's identity. Workshops with the steering committee clarified three goals: the identity should be inclusive, hopeful and connective. I dove into references and explorations for colour, fonts, icons, and illustrations. I successfully pitched the typeface TT Norms for use across the identity. The font is highly legible for a diverse audience and carries the organization's kind, optimistic personality.  I angled the 'e' of the word mark to match the lower a and give it a subtle uplifting sensibility. We chose a vibrant but dignified purple to lead the colour palette. I worked in a supporting role for the rest of the identity.

Aide Canada logo lettering.
Ipad displaying AideCanada.caIpad displaying AideCanada.caPhone displaying AideCanada.caPhone displaying AideCanada.ca